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ODM Services Available Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts For Medical Device and Dental Products
ODM Services Available Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts For Medical Device and Dental Products

ODM Services Available Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts For Medical Device and Dental Products

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ODM Services Available Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts For Medical Device and Dental Products
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ODM Services Available Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts For Medical Device and Dental Products

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We offer precision aluminum die casting component parts to medical device & equipment manufacturers. We provide one stop solutions on fabrication services and fully integrated operations in mold design & developed, aluminum die casting, machining, anodizing, powder coating, assembly and technical services.

Aluminum Die Casting Process Is A Metal Casting Process That Is Characterized By Forcing Molten Metal Under High Pressure Into A Mold Cavity. The Mold Cavity Is Created Using Two Hardened Tool Steel Dies Which Have Been Machined Into Shape And Work Similarly To An Injection Mold During The Process;

aluminum die casting component parts Applications in the medical industry:

Compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations;

Very high sanitation levels;

Extremely Lightweight;

The optimum strength-to-weight ratios; 

And it doesn`t rust, which is critical with items requiring frequent sterilization;

A passivation layer that protects aluminum even if it becomes nicked or scratched;

Machinability / Recyclability / Esthetic Finishes;

Cheaper alternative to some other high-performance materials;


Excellent thermal conductivity;

Adherence to tight tolerances, EMI shielding, High dimensional stability;

Ease of assembly with mating components; 

The Essence Of aluminum die casting component parts Is Under The Action Of High Pressure, So That Liquid Or Semi-Solid Liquid Metal And High Speed Filling Into The Die-Casting Mold Cavity, And Under Pressure In The Molding And Cooling Solidification Obtained Die Casting (Die-Casting Machine Parts) Forming Process. This Shows That In The High-Pressure And High-Speed Die-Casting Mold Cavity Filled With Two Major Characteristics Of Die-Casting Process; 

aluminum die casting component parts  HS Code: 761699;

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) on aluminum die casting component parts : 7616995160;

Die Cast Aluminum Alloys Available: ADC12, A380, AlSi9Cu3;

Medical Post-Processing Capabilities:

Surface treatment of aluminum die casting component parts  help make these items even more scratch and wear-resistant and  more attractive which never hurts when it comes to speeding up patient healing

Powder Coating


Heat Treatment



Aluminum Die Casting Component Parts
Die Casting Component Parts
Die Cast Component Parts
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☑ Item: Aluminum Die Casting Parts, Aluminium Die Cast Parts

☑ Aluminum Alloys: 380,390,AlSi9Cu3Fe,ADC12

☑ Casting Machines: Rangings from 200 Tonnage to 800 Tonnage

☑ Finish/Surface: Shot Blasting,Vibration, Powder Coated

☑ Maching Tolerance: ±0.05mm

☑ Tooling Material: H13 for Core, H45 for Frame

☑ Quality Certification: IATF 16949:2016

☑ Machining Process: Drilling,CNC Lathe,Tapping

Technical Information
Size Range Not normally over 2.7feet square
Parts Weight 0.01pounds to 14 pounds
Setup Cost New die casting tooling is free
Tolerances 0.02inch,add0.01inch to 0.015inch across parting line up to part size
Die Casting Finish 32~63 RMS
Minium Draft normally 1°
Billet/Fillet normally 0.04inch radius
Normal Minimum Section Thickness 0.060inch for small parts;
0.090inch for medium parts
Ordering Quantity For first trial order: not less than 100pcs;
Usually 1,000pcs or more.



●Established in March,23th,2004

●Located in Beilun ,Ningbo which is one of the biggest port

●Occupied area of 70,000 square feet

●105 Employees & 6 Engineers

●Products main export to Europe and America

What We can do

● Common Die Casting Alloy: A360, A380, A383, A384, A390, A413, A528, ADC10, ADC12, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi10,etc.

● Die Casting Parts from 0.01kg to 16kg.

● All design and production of die casting tools, dies and moulds are done in house.

● Extensive quality assurance department equipped with CMM,X-ray flaw detector, Spectrograph.

● CNC machines are capable of meeting the most critical dimensional requirement on aluminum die castings.

● Finishing, Painting, Labeling and Silk Screening for aluminum die castings



1.Why choose us?

● Small run capability

● Short Lead times

● Superior Response Time

● Exceptional Products Service

● Premium Grade Materials

2.What service can you offer?

We can offer one-solution service on aluminum die castings from tool designing & developing, casting, machining, finishing, assembling, packing and shipping after you designed it. You name it, we make it.

3.Are you a manufacturer or trader?

We are 100% manufacturer/company verified by Intertek and Alibaba.

4.What certification do you have?

We are an IATF 16949 certified high pressure die casting manufacturer.

5. What about your prices?

Kinds of die casting machines and equipment and skilled engineers will keep our prices very competitive without compromising the part`s quality. Welcome your comparisons our prices with any other sources.

6. How to custom aluminum die casting parts?

1.Customers send the IGS/STEP drawings or sample to us for offer;

2.After customer`s acceptance on our prices, we will send our 3D molding drawing for approval;

3.After approving the 3D molding drawing, we will start the production of the tooling/mold after the deposit of mold/tooling cost paid.

4.After mold/tooling finished, will send the samples for customer`s check;

5.After samples approved, will prepare the production on trial order after customer`s payment for the balance for the mold/tooling cost.

7. What is the payment term?

For tooling/mold cost, 30% or 50% as a deposit and the balance paid after samples approved by customer.

For bulk order, 30% or 50% as a deposit and the balance paid after negotiation.

8. What is the delivery date?

For tooling/mold, it will take 35~45days that is subject to your design.

For bulk order, it will take 10~30days that is subject to your quantity.



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