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(Summary description)Is Ningbo Jiawei a trade company or manufacturer?


(Summary description)Is Ningbo Jiawei a trade company or manufacturer?

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-11
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1.Is Ningbo Jiawei a trade company or manufacturer?

Ningbo Jiawei is an aluminum die casting and CNC machining manufacturer. Our facility was located in Ningbo, China. It only takes 10minutes from our facility to Ningbo seaport. We can be your China Aluminum die casting and CNC machining supplier to easily and speedy export these aluminum die casting parts to all over world.

2.What is Ningbo Jiawei`s core competitive power?

Ningbo Jiawei is a one-stop aluminum die casting solution provider. We offer tooling, die casting, machining, shotblasting in-house, and out-source other surface treatments from our contracted suppliers. The turnkey solution is our core competency compared with other die casters.


3.Why should we purchase our parts from Ningbo Jiawei?

As a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer, Ningbo Jiawei has these advantages to push you take into consideration to us as you sourcing aluminum die casting supplier in China.

lThe rich experience engineering teams can provide the professional technical support, manufacturing evaluation, improved suggestions on your original design from cost-effective way during casting and manufacturing processes;

lOur fast service and promptly feedback can save you lead time;

lOne-stop solution service and turnkey service can help you reduce your workload and speed up your project time and bring you a reasonable cost, quality parts and timely delivery.

4.What industries does Ningbo Jiawei serve?

  The industries classification on Ningbo Jiawei Served:

  For NAICS (North American Industry Classification) Code

  3315 Foundries, Manufacturing

331523 Nonferrous Metal Die-Casting Foundries

       Aluminum die-casting foundries

       Aluminum die-castings, unfinished, manufacturing

       Foundries, die-casting, aluminum

       Die-castings, aluminum, unfinished, manufacturing

       Die-castings, nonferrous metals, unfinished, manufacturing

       Foundries, die-casting, nonferrous metals

  3329 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

     332999 Frames, metal, lamp shade, manufacturing

  3325 Hardware Manufacturing

     332510 Hardware Manufacturing

  3335 Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing

333511 Industrial Mold Manufacturing

333514 Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig and Fixture Manufacturing

333517 Machine Tool Manufacturing

  3343 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

     334310 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

  3351 Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

     335122 Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting

   Fixture  manufacturing

  3363 Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

     336310 Motor Vehicle Gasoline Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing

     336320 Moto Vehicle Electrical and Electric Equipment Manufacturing

     336330 Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components (except Spring) Manufacturing

     336340 Motor Vehicle Brake System Manufacturing

     336390 Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

  3369 Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

     336991 Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing

     336999 All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

  3372 Office Furniture (including fixtures) manufacturing

     337214 Office Furniture (except wood) manufacturing

  3391 Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

     339112 Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing

     339113 Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing

     339114 Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

  3399 Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing

     339992 Musical Instrument Manufacturing

        339992 Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectric, manufacturing

     339999 All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing

     443142 Electronic part and component stores

5.Does Ningbo Jiawei have any sort of quality certification?

Ningbo Jiawei has the quality certification of IATF16949.

6.Can Ningbo Jiawei sign our NDA before we provide project information?

Yes, we sign the NDA with all customers and we will always pay more attentions on the protection of customer`s intellectual property and information confidential.

7.What die casting alloys does Ningbo Jiawei usually use for die casting components?

Aluminum die casting: ADC12 , A380, A360, AlSi12, AlSi9Cu3

Zinc die casting: zamak 3 & zamak 5

8.What is Ningbo Jiawei lead time for tooling/mould/mold?

That will be subject to the mold size. Typical, lower than 800tonnage die casting machine, 30~45days; More than 800 tonnage die casting machine, 50~70days. If you have the urgent demand, please talk with us and we will expedite as we can

9.What`s Ningbo Jiawei product types?

Ningbo Jiawei can provide die casting tooling, precision CNC machining and aluminum die casting products.


10.What kind of surface treatment can Ningbo Jiawei provide?

We have cleaning and shot blasting in-house. Worked with contracted partner, we can offer various surface treatments such as painting, powder coating, chrome-plating, anodizing.

11.What is HTS code and HS code of Aluminum Die Casting Parts you manufactured?

HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Code

7616 Other articles of aluminum

            7616.99.5160 Castings

HS (Harmonized System) Code

       76 Aluminium and articles thereof

          761699 Aluminium and articles thereof

12. What is SIC code of Aluminum die casting you processed?

  SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code

   33-Primary Metal Industries

  3363-Aluminum Die-Castings

  Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing die-casting of aluminum  (including alloys)

33630000 Aluminum Die-castings



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